Monday, October 6, 2008

Bad luck like this only happens in the movie

OH OH OH~its my mid semester break for one week!
This is not the time to relax~but to do what the heck am i waiting for? oh yeah....right....
my motherboard rosak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!somemore during Raya, which shop wanna fix it for you leh....
haih robin robin...sui ka beh si

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Series of misunfortunate event Part III

*continuation from part II*
Sorry i purposely try not to post for some time to create suspense i kinda forgot what it feels like when i'm lost in the jungle :D

Anyway, when i tried to climb down the wet rocks, i caught a glimpse of a green snakes sliding down the rocks just next to me....after a careful consideration, i decided to climb down the waterfall on the other side which is a slope without path but trees and leaves. This was where i got myself reeeeeeal dirty. In order to get myself balance, i tried to get a grip on the tree branches. And like WOW....most of the branches were decayed, its kinda dangerous especially when u can just tumble and fell into the waterfall.

After i climbed down the waterfall, i thought the hard part was finally over. To my bloody expectation which i pretend it wont going to happen to me,the waterfall was led to a vast what? SWIM? at a moment i really don't mind having my phone drown if i can swim to the rivermouth....but what will happen if there is crocodiles....:D Plus there was no flat land for me to walk on....only slopes which continued from the waterfall.

Luckily there was a long black pipe along the trail ever since i got down from the waterfall. The pipe was hard and strong enough to support my weight. Believe it or not, the journey at this point was continued by tight rope walking on the black pipe on the slope. Its kinda easy with all the branches that u can grab to support yourself but still, there were decayed branches. After a short while, i reached to a place with a water pump generator beside the river and that is where i got reception again. Tons of sms came in again. some sms stated that my gf and her dad already went in the jungle and trek from beach resort till berjaya resort and yet they did not found me. No doubt at that time i was really lost. I received call from Fi and she told me they were having a search party searching for me. I can hear several people shouting my name afar in the phone. Fi told me that if there was no news from me after 5, they lodge report to the police. At the moment i really freaked out. I cannot imagine the faces of everyone when they found me. I kinda feel like staying overnight beside the river ehehehe.....

During the phone conversation, i explained the surroundings of my whereabout to the locals and in an instant they figured where i am. Within 15 mins, i heard voices shouting my name. Long story cut short they found me and once again we gotta walk a back. To my surprise, it was actually 10 minutes walk to the beach from where i stopped.
This is the map of redang. The blue direction shows where i ended up to.

And so i was the laughing stock in the whole blardy Redang. All the locals start calling me Tarzan stating that i was the first person to trek so far in the jungle. When i was walking back with the locals, i asked them how many times incidents like this happened before and they replied none.

And thus my Lost adventure ended approximately 6 pm. I wanna express my thanks to everyone that helped me out including Madam Tan and the Redang Bay crew, the water pump generator. Also for Fi's dad who spend all his vacation day searching for me high and low. Plus encouraging smses from lil Sam. Last but not least, my beloved Fi who worry sick about me, waited for me all day long, trying to call me, and also joing the search team to look up for me. I love you Fi.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Series of unfortunate events Part II

Pada suatu hari, during my last semester break, gf ku asked me join her with her family and Johanna to Redang trip. Of course i agree to but i cari pasal and told her that i am unable to go so that i can give her surprise visit on the island. On the redang trip day, i went earlier to redang. Thanks to my aunt, i was given free lodging and transport to the island. As i can remember stef and her family will be staying in Berjaya beach resort which is further north up the resort i am staying;Redang Bay. So i had to hitch hike a speedboat to go there. Just when i reached Berjaya, I found out that stef were actually staying in Redang Beach....NOT Berjaya Beach....Redang Beach is like just right next to Redang Bay....X___X

As i turn back the speedboat was far away gone TT___TT i had no choice but to try and walk back through the jungle since i feel guilty for troubling if i called up the resort to fetch me back.I asked the guards for direction and they told me to follow up the road till another beachside and go into the jungle. Before i left they also added, "you might wanna take a stick" and i asked why and they replied "just in case , got lotsa wild monkeys".......................The time was around 11am

And so i start off my great adventure. At first they path was clear and straight. Then it started to become more grassy and next sandy. By the time i reach to the beach side, I wonder which side of the jungle to go into. I met a few kampung kids and they reluctantly showed me the way. When we were halfway into the jungle, we met a bunch of local adults so the kids asked the adults to show me the way. Unfortunately the adults are going back to the village so they only bring me into the jungle and from there they direct me where to go. Until now I still remember what the last guy in the group told me.........."follow the red paints on the trees"

So this is when i started walking alone in the jungle carrying a travelling back pack...The big size one which foreigners usually carry :D It was around 12pm

The jungle somehow looks OK OK to me at first, there were path and I was following red paints on the trees. Besides that i also notice a long red cable along the path i took. Its kinda cool when i managed to see lots of wild animals including monitor lizards (tons of em everywhere...and supa big....not your average lizards on the road streets) mongoose or long body squirrel whatever the thing is, ants as big as my thumbs and heck yeah i also came across monkey king. Freaking big ass monkey which is too large to be an ordinary coconut climbing monkeys. That monkey and i cock stare each other as i walked passed him. When i turn my back and look at him, he was still looking at me....CREEPY... .
Your ordinary everyday forest looking jungle at first

After awhile, the journey started to get harder when i had to climb up the higher grounds. I also noticed a fork way where the red cable and red painted trees lead different directions. I am a good boy so i followed the advice, follow the red paint. YES, right.... I really had difficulties when i hike up the mountain. It makes me think about the people living on the island; how they do this everyday??? I stopped three time to vomit when there isnt anything coming out from my mouth.
The plants looked mean too in the mountain area...betcha wouldn't feel nice if you slip and fall onto this....

As i went on and on and on, i felt thicker cobwebs than before....As if no one had walked this path before....But still i ignore the fact that i am clueless and still continue on because i am still following the red paints. Around 2 pm, i reach upon a big fat tall tree with a black signboard on it stating "1800m"..... My jaw went wide open, having the chills and yet felt proud at the same time. Due to the higher grounds, my phone which i did not even notice there is no connectivity finally received tons of sms and missed calls. All from my Fi :3 i replied her back telling her i was ok and we talked on the phone for a while. I told her about the path i took and also the signs i saw. Apparently she was already worried as she had waited for quite some time for me outside the jungle. Few moments later, the line broke off. I had no choice but to continue on.

Boy am i glad when the path was leading lower. But still the path was getting harder as there was damn alot of rattan trees that will leave holes on you like cheese holes. What worse was i stepped on the trees wearing my rubber sandals. OUCH....kena my meat.... I also accidently stepped on a pile of dead tree trunks and my leg actually sank into the earth till my knee leg was all black when i lifted it out...YUCK. After i passed two signs stating 1600m and 1400m, i found a small river stream. By this time, i confirmed myself as LOST when the path actually ended there HAHAHAHAHAHA. Still i did not have time thinking bout dying. The small river stream looks tempting so i drank a little. Tasted fresh and great so i decided to fill up my emptied bottle. After i recharge all my power, i decided to follow the river stream thinking that the small river will eventually lead me to river mouth. SMART huh?....Unfortunately my plan did not went well...i reached the waterfall area.....=,=''''

Phew....tiny waterfalls still OK....can slowly climb down with bare feet

At first the waterfalls were puny so i thought why not? Just Do It. Its was kinda hard to balance on the wet rocks when you were carrying a freaking big backpack, slippery rubber slippers, and also a mobile phone in your shorts.....Still i manage to pull off although i did tripped and landed on my buttocks. Like what the chinese said "bi ku kai hua" which literally means Buttocks open flower. XD
As i continued on the steps of waterfall, the current was getting stronger and i heard water gushing loudly from afar.
Whaddya know? Look what i found.........
Note: the picture was taken by my phone from top view....NOT bottom view. Try imagine it....

I knew that i could die if i slip and hit my head or just slip and wet my phone...but when i looked back i knew there was no turning back anymore...i aint gonna climb back the waterfalls and hike up 1800m again.....So i let out a sigh and continue on my journey. As i try to climb to the slippery wet rocks, SUDDENLY~!!!!!!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Series of unfortunate events Part I

I'm having rows of bad lucks and bad moments lately...Especially when i got back to my hometown.

And just one part of it....
Long story cut short i went out with kt friends for a late yumcha one night with my dad's mercedes then later to cyber cafe. I was reversing the car to drive out from the parking spot and we guys are laughing loud in the car when i suddenly got shocked from a loud thud from the back. At that moment, i remembered something in my mind( dad's mercedes no censor on the back)
Everyone was totally freaked out. i bumped into a S-class D:
If i'm not mistaken, Shou Lee was like keep asking me to drive away. Others asked me to stop so i asked Chen to go down and have a look. What's worse is when the malay owner of the S-class showed up and hit the back of my car asking me to come down. He start scolding me in a talking manner saying whether i passed my driving test or not. He was saying lotsa craps in malay but i was too nervous to catch up what he said later on haha.
Everyone was like coming too see the car condition. Luckily his car seemed fine and unscratched even though Chen insisted that there is a crack on the car's plate number which everyone couldn't notice.* must be his high power spectacles*

Budak Kampungs got excited coz never see a crack on a car before

I was begging the malay fella to let me go since his car was fine. Heck i never even beg this badly when i want some extra marks from my lecturers @____@
Fortunately, that rich ass let me go.maybe he see i'm fetching a son of a senator in my car heh heh~or maybe its my karma, since i once did let a driver off when he knocked my car by mistake when he was trying to reverse. See Fi? Forgiveness Fi~Forgiveness
Went back late night when everyone was asleep. I couldn't sleep the whole night trying to think of a method to explain to my dad. That night i slept in the living room and waited for my dad to wake up.Told him bout the incident and kena few scoldings from both mom and dad.......SIGH.......


If penguins can queue up......WHY NOT MALAYSIANS?????

Monday, July 7, 2008

Siao Ki Pei

Errr....hahaha i was chatting with stefi and she just randomly gimme a chinese curse


ROFL....siao ki darling so random~love her randomness sometimes~muaxx


Im going back to hometown the next morning.....I gonna miss you Fi...Smooch....
Oh and yeah...wont be online for quite sometime coz i aint got computer or internet back home TT_______TT